I had a hard time finding good quality lotion at my local drug store or high-end department stores. Most lotions are made with mineral oil. Mineral oil is a petroleum product and does not absorb into the skin, which means your skin is not being moisturized and leaves it feeling greasy. I wanted something that would moisturize, last a long time and not feel greasy, so I formulated my own. Our lotions contain Shea Butter, Aloe and Vitamin E. It keeps your skin so soft and smooth. Non-greasy formula goes to work fast at rejuvenating hardworking skin.


Available in any of our soap fragrances! If you use the printable order form, please specify which scent you’d like.

16 oz pump bottle $20
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 4 oz bottle $6

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Handmade Body Lotion

Hi Joy,

I just wanted to let you know that you have a growing fan club out here in San Diego!  I must say that I have never received as many compliments on a lotion as I have with yours!  Your lotions soften the skin while the scents are beautiful and surprisingly long lasting  I'm now having to order nearly twice a month to keep up with new requests!  Great products (although we are partial to Lavender Patchouli)!
San Diego, CA

My friend bought your Patchouli Lavender lotion when she was visiting Wisconsin and now several us use it. We all love it!

“I ran out of the shea butter cream a few weeks ago and held off re-ordering. In the mean time, I was using a variety of products that had been "gifted" to me. None worked as well for this nurse and gardener! My husband feels the same way about his sandalwood "shaving soap". Love your products!”

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